Hello! I’m Gemma Seltzer, writer and founder of the Write & Shine programme of morning writing events.

Write & Shine

In 2015, I set up Write & Shine, a programme of early morning writing events and online courses. From the beginning, our aim has been to offer time and space for creative ideas to surface during the first part of the day.

On waking, we're often incredibly sensitive to the sights and sounds of our environment. In the morning, sounds are soft. It's the best time to think, dream and imagine. Writing early captures all kinds of ideas before your inner critic rears its head.

I work hard to provide a welcoming, inclusive and reflective atmosphere to offer others the tools to explore a deeper, creative life.

What is ‘Writing with the Seasons’?

Writing with the Seasons is my collection of writing prompts, ideas and inspiration that follows the seasons, month by month. It’s a seasonal guide for writers reflecting the rhythm of the natural world—and it’s best enjoyed slowly as the year unfolds.

This year, along with our monthly essays, we'll also offer brand new audio courses and thoughtful pieces from guest poets and artists. 

It’s brought to you by Write & Shine and written by me, Gemma Seltzer. I’m excited to share with you my love of seasonal writing and my experiences as a writer, facilitator and coach.

Tell me more about seasonal writing

Our programme at Write & Shine follows the seasons.

In each session, I encourage people to notice changes in their environment. The light and the view from the window, the moon phases, the moment of sun rise, the shape of the clouds and the weather.

We write in the bright spring mornings, thinking about new buds and birdsong, in summer’s warmth, amongst autumn’s falling leaves, and with the darkness of wintertime surrounding us. We find inspiration from the natural world, national events and issues that concern us as citizens, while tapping into the rhythm of the seasons.

I believe tuning to the natural world helps invigorate creativity and uncover new ideas.

I’m new to writing. Is this for me?

We hope so! The ‘Writing with the Seasons’ Substack gathers together ideas about writing in tune with the natural world and presents them to curious readers to enjoy. Whether you’re new to writing, have some experience or simply want more creativity into your working day, we think you’ll find our words inspiring.

Consider this your very own guide to finding inspiration from everyday life and the seasons, while exploring the craft of writing and deepening your commitment to your own creative path.

Join us!

You’re invited to join us, month by month, for a whole year of creativity with Writing the Seasons. We’re in our second year, so as a paid subscriber you’ll also gain access the full archive. Click below to subscribe!

The Write & Shine autumn illustration is created by Meg Harriet

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A collection of writing prompts, ideas and inspiration following the seasons, month by month. This guide for writers reflects the rhythm of the natural world—and is best enjoyed slowly as the year unfolds. Written by Gemma Seltzer.


Gemma Seltzer

Gemma Seltzer is a writer and runs the Write & Shine programme of morning writing events.