Apr 15, 2022 • 29M

Observe: a guided writing course

Writing with the Seasons - April 2022 (audio)

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A collection of writing prompts, ideas and inspiration following the seasons, month by month. This guide for writers reflects the rhythm of the natural world—and is best enjoyed slowly as the year unfolds. We hope you enjoy it!
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For my last dispatch, I wrote about what we can learn from spring's unsettled weather: its false starts and unpredictability. How observing the role of change, chance and possibility in nature can offer so much creative inspiration.

I'm now delighted to share with you all a 30-minute audio course called ‘Observe.’ It’s the first in a series of three sessions, each offering a mix of advice, ideas and writing prompts. ‘Observe’ is about noticing, focusing and documenting the details of our lives. Hope you enjoy it!

Writing with the Seasons is brought to you by Write & Shine, a programme of morning writing events and online courses.