May 20, 2022 • 31M

Organise: a guided writing course

Writing with the Seasons - May 2022 (audio)

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Gemma Seltzer
A collection of writing prompts, ideas and inspiration following the seasons, month by month. This guide for writers reflects the rhythm of the natural world—and is best enjoyed slowly as the year unfolds. We hope you enjoy it!
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In my last dispatch, I reflected on the joy and wonder of May, when true spring arrives. It’s a perfect time to explore, notice and create. Longer, lighter days also offer the chance to reflect on our writing lives. What has gone well this spring? What do you hope summer will bring? What do you need to support and inspire your creative ideas?

This month, I’m glad to offer you a 30-minute audio course called ‘Organise.’ The second in a series of three sessions, supporting you on your writing path. ‘Organise’ is about managing time, planning ahead and creating space for your writing. Enjoy!

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